Semifreddo Logs & Molds


Set of two Plastic Mold for Semifreddo Dessert. Round Shape

"Mould designed to realize a fancy semifreddo dessert in a few steps: First of all fill the mould with the product, shake it to remove any eventual air bubbleand level the product using a spatula. Then top the bottom with a biscuit layer an put it in the freezer or in the blast-chiller at -4F. To make the removal from the mould easier bathe it with some lukewarm water and using a light a pressure let your dessert comes off from the mold. You can finish the decoration using some Varnish Chocolate Spray. Size D. 7.68"" h2.36"" annd D. 6.10"" h2.17"""

Gelato Equipments and Production Molds
Semifreddo Logs & Molds