Tempering Chocolate - How to temper Chocolate without a choc

 Melt 70% of your chocolate setting the Meltinchoc at 40-45° C ;    
Wait until the chocolate will be melt completely while checking the thermometer. This operation is necessary to have the butter crystals melt;
 Add the rest 30% of your chocolate to the mixture already melt. This procedure represents the insemination of cocoa butter present in the chocolate;
 Mix strongly the chocolate in order to lower its temperature: The ideal temperature is different depending on the type of chocolate that we are working dark chocolate 32° - milk chocolate 30° - white chocolate 29° By lowering the temperature of the chocolate we have the stabilization of the cocoa butter crystals;
 Once reached the right temperature, you need only to keep this temperature for the required time to work it.  

 Advantages of the well temperated chocolate:

  The removal of the praline will be easier and it will look shinier because the sugars and the cocoa butter will not appear on the surface causing that unpleasant white coating;
  The pralina or the chocolate bar will have that cranchy effect when you brake it or bite it;
  The pralina will not melt in your hands.
Useful tips In case the surface of the chocolate in the basin should start hardening, because of the room temperature, just use the hair-drayer to melt it. Do not increase the temperature!!! The same technique can be used if the temperature of the chocolate start s going down . In this way you catch up the temperature. If the temperature increased, act on the thermostat and lower 2 - 3 degrees, mixing the chocolate. IMPORTANT: KEEP the chocolate always stirred to have the butter crystal stable. DO NOT PUT pieces of chocolate left from moulding into the tempering machine!!!! Keep them for next time while starting the whole procedure from the beginning. The reason is due to the cocoa butter stabilization.