Chocolate Fountain

For an outstanding selection of chocolate fountains for sale, turn to Martellato USA. And while you’re reviewing your chocolate fountain needs, why not take a moment to review other pastry equipment and guitars and our ice cream displays & accessories you may need as well?

The chocolate fountain is the centerpiece of many birthday celebrations, wedding receptions and other special events. As visually appealing as it is enticing to the taste buds, Martellato chocolate fountains add a special magic to any get-together. This commercial chocolate fountain is suitable for catering or for private use.

The Martellato chocolate fountain is made from quality stainless steel, and creates an elegant flow over four escalating tiers, twice as many as most fountain designs. It’s easy to use as well – just pour melted chocolate into the base and switch it on. Perfect for dipping marshmallows, cookies, pretzels or your favorite fruits. Check back every month to learn more about one of our professional catering equipment solutions.